Friday, November 6, 2015

Rats in the FJ - The Saga Continues

A few weeks ago, I found rats nesting in the FJ (right after we got back from our 3 week wedding/honeymoon vacation).

Shortly thereafter, my 2007 FJ threw a P0333 code - which means there is something wrong with the wiring on one of the knock sensors. Shop estimate was 21 hours of labor plus parts, including new head gasket, head bolts, oil change, coolant change, wiring harness, etc.

Luckily, my insurance covers animal damage, and I only have to pay $500 out of the $3300 or so in repair costs.

The wiring harness in the valley of the engine. Both wires (green, red) chewed clean through.

Beneath the water pipe, you can see one of the nests the bastards built (feces, foliage, trash) where they lived while the engine was not running. I can't imagine them living there while I was driving the truck... but who knows?

With any luck, I'll have the FJ back soon and we can resume camping as usual.