Sunday, January 4, 2015

Warm Creek Bay - Winter Camp

Camping in the cold is... well, it's cold.

New Years day, Kristen and I spent some time with another FJ Photographer out playing in the 12" of fresh snow Flagstaff received. Between the two of us, out playing in the trails near Lake Mary, we managed at least five recoveries of multiple vehicles, from mud, snow, ice, and the occasional high center. We used tow straps, D-rings, Element Ramps (by Smittybuilt - review on those coming later) and lots of old-fashioned shoveling to get ourselves out of some very interesting situations.

Later that day, we towed a 4x6 trailer full of salvaged wood up to Warm Creek Bay, outside of Page, AZ. We spent a night on the lake, camping with our friends in the freezing cold. With plenty of firewood, we stayed warm enough, but barely. Lows in the high teens makes for pretty chilly camping.

Photos are from the various adventures mentioned above. Processed in Lightroom (my first time!) and shown below for your viewing pleasure. (As always, click to view an enlarged version)

Excited for more adventures in 2015!