Thursday, November 20, 2014

First Impressions: Olympus E-PL1

Got this cute little camera yesterday. Spent some time shooting with it and playing around.

First impressions: For $70, it may be the best cheap camera I have ever used. Got it on Craigslist from someone who didn't have a use for it anymore.

Very responsive, essentially no shutter delay, continuous firing is about 3 fps, but the buffer is big enough to keep the camera usable after a short burst.

So far, I am loving it. Almost everything you see here was done between 1250 and 3200 ISO. Very little low-ISO stuff, and it all holds together pretty well.

Auto ISO and Auto WB are good. Autofocus is killer, on the money almost every time. Adjustable focus points, too.

This camera sells brand new for over $500
Used, you can generally get them around $150 or so. Considering what I paid for it, I am thrilled.