Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Camping at Apache Lake with AZFJ

First - the frames from the Nikon camera. All with the 70-200mm f/2.8
Big focus on kayaking this weekend, thanks to Kev and his Hobie Mirage. Also ended up photographing the kids of the group. It was refreshing to see kids playing in the dirt and learning how to fish instead of staring at a screen. Of course, posting pictures of other people's kids is a little weird, so I will send those photos directly to the parents.

(the CeeFish camping survival kit)

Now the frames from the Olympus E-PL1 Micro 4:3 camera. I learned that the raw files from this camera are different somehow because Adobe DNG converter wouldn't convert them to play nice with CS4 compatibility and higher. But when I dropped the setting to CS3 and higher, it worked just fine. Major drawback is that the files are 55mb after they get converted... which is at least a little crazy, and easily 4 times the size of my Nikon files. Not because they contain more data, but because the DNG conversion is less efficient somehow.

The Ferrari club was out and about during my drive down to the lake. I drove with them for an hour or so and enjoyed it immensely. 

Pyro... AKA the Fire Master...

Pyro's minions...

Testing out a fun all-purpose light. Review to come later (I like it)

Group shot by the fire.

Another shot of the CeeFish Camping Surivial Kit. Not as sharp as the Nikon.

 Thanks to the AZFJ crew for having me along. Let's do it again soon!