Monday, August 25, 2014

Indiana trip

Some pictures from our trip to the cottage in Indiana. All taken with a tragic little POS camera. These are mostly for my soon-to-be-in-laws.

Drive from Flag to Phoenix

Fly from Phoenix to Denver

Drive from Denver to LaGrange, Indiana.
Beachfront where we will be getting married. Boats will all be moved. Aisle will be in the sand where the wooden pier is. The happy couple will stand at the waters edge.

She fits right in :-)

View from the pier at our place and the neighbors' lawn. On the left is the side that we will not be renting - the places we will get are through the sailboat on the right.

Dad driving the ski boat (this is the boat Kristen and I have now!)

Mom on the jet ski! ZOOM!

My mom swimming across the lake. It's kind of her thing.

Kristen and I escorted her to make sure no boats ran her over. Good way to spend the morning kayaking

Mark is crazy

We have lots of computers....

Mocha chasing the ball.

Mark on the jetski

Here you can see the lawn we will be able to use on the left.

We will be renting these places. Lots of space and even more beachfront!

The following 4 images are the Williams property, where we hope the Bains and Phillips can stay. It's about a 4 minute walk from the Beaty cottage.
View from the street

View from the backyard

Pretty good sized yard. Good pier to dangle your toes in.

Double balcony too.

Watch out for mosquitos

Taking the new boat for a drive.

Kayaking through the channel to the no-wake-zone lake. This is where we usually go to swim.

Parents with the new boat!

We did a lot of kayaking :-)

and a lot of grilling

One of the rooms we can rent. Two beds, but it's just one room. The rest of the house won't be ours. Nice view and great for 2 couples or 2 people.