Wednesday, July 9, 2014

rediscovery: assignment two

Continuing our "rediscovery" series, today's assignment is designed to help get you back in the habit of shooting.

Set a frame-count goal for yourself for an outing. Take an hour or two and strive to make 200 images while you are out. This must be done in one "sitting" or one outing - doing it over the course of the day doesn't count for this assignment.

Our goal here is to get you back in the habit of SEEING what you are looking at, identifying patterns and texture and color and lines and all the other things you've probably been ignoring recently. Shoot anything that strikes your fancy. Shoot it from multiple angles. Overshoot it. Get your "trigger finger" in the habit of pressing the shutter.

It doesn't matter if everything you shoot turns out to be crap. That isn't the point. The point is that you are seeing and shooting and creating.

You don't have to show anyone what you shoot, but you do need to shoot a lot.

My goal for this morning was 200 frames in an hour. I got to 129 before calling it quits. Tomorrow I will start earlier (I barely missed sunrise this morning) and see if I can hit 200.

To emphasize that it is OK to shoot absolute crap for this assignment, here is my entire 129 image take from this morning, straight from camera RAW. I'll be lucky if I keep even one of these.