Thursday, June 5, 2014

Goals and Half Way There

It's June already! Can you believe it? We are half way to 2015.

Not everyone is as goal-oriented as I am. In fact, few people obsess over goals the way I do. The last few years, I always find myself feeling lost without a specific group of goals to strive for. Some personal, some business, and some others still that are a bit of both, or neither.

Anyway, my question for you today is this: If the year 2014 is half-over, what do you need to do for the next six months to achieve the goals you set for yourself this year? What projects do you need to finish, what people do you need to talk to in order to set yourself up for an incredible 2015?

If you haven't done it recently, take a few hours (or the whole day) today and wrap your mind around what you'd like to achieve in the coming months and how you're hoping to get there.

It is a fairly simple exercise, but one that needs to be done every so often if we are going to keep ourselves on track.

I won't bore you with my goals for the rest of the year and where I am hoping to go with them; everyone will have different goals and different ways to achieve them. What's important is that you know where you're headed.

Have a great day!