Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Freidlein Prairie (and on to new things)

Kristen chose last weekend's spot - up at the Freidlein Prairie disbursed camping area. There are 9 sites open for free camping. No water, no toilets, nothing fancy, but nobody else around.

Most of the sites looks the same. One site, though, is situated in a gorgeous aspen grove, well away from the others. We set up camp there and spent a lazy Sunday reading, napping and making pictures.

I am finally done shooting the Tepui tent - a project I worked on for the last couple months came to a close, at least for now.

Now, I am taking on a couple new clients and shooting their outdoorsy-adventure products in real-life settings. Currently working with Canyon Coolers and hoping to pick up one more as we near the FJ Summit in Ouray, CO, who has also hired me to photograph and blog my experience at their event.


Now, pictures.