Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Solo Camping near Blue Ridge

A buddy of mine told me about Blue Ridge Reservoir, about 65 miles from Flagstaff. Pictures on Google Images looked promising, so I packed up on Friday evening and headed out there, just me and the FJ.

The camping was fairly generic forest camping; no view of the water, nothing really to write home about. However, I managed to get onto some pretty cool trails that hadn't seen any traffic yet this season by pulling aside some downed trees using my recovery gear.

On the way out Lake Mary Road - gorgeous light

Big ol' tree in my way.

By pulling it (very gently) with the FJ, I was able to snap it into three sections and move each of those sections aside.

Went wandering in the forest. Used this tree as a landmark to find my way back.

Gotta give a shout-out to Tepui Tents. They rock.

After two days camping, Kristen and I headed to Page to spend some time with our friends up there and get out on Lake Powell. The water was a refreshing and (in my opinion) perfect 68 degrees. Kristen got this picture of me on the drive up there during sunset. Best time of day to drive to/from Page is always sunset.