Thursday, August 22, 2013

Inbound 2013 Marketing Conference: Day 4

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Today was the final day of Inbound 2013.
Lectures started a little later, because last night was "inbound rocks," a concert that I did not attend. As an introvert and someone who generally doesn't care about live music - I don't feel like I missed out on very much. I did NOT hear everyone today talking about how amazing and life-changing it was, so I'm going to stick to my story.

Today's opening keynote was not my cup of tea. For all I know, Nate Silva is an excellent speaker and a really smart guy, but his talk did not resonate me, did not inspire me, and I'm not sure I learned anything from it as a result.

That's OK. The rest of the day followed very much in the vein of inspiration and focus as the previous days. No need to go into a lot of detail there - more of the same excellent content from good speakers.

The one thing that really was big was the final keynote of the conference, given by Scott of charity: water.

His presentation was highly emotional, involving, exceedingly well executed and just great in every way. I am not only looking for ways to involve myself personally in charity: water, but I am working on a few ideas to bring the entire community of Flagstaff, specifically the small businesses, into working together on it as well.

No idea what I'm talking about? Watch this:

We saw some really good videos for charity: water this week. I'm having a hard time finding those videos on their YouTube Channel right now - but I'll be posting more about this in the future.

Here are my final photos from the conference. Nothing particularly special to see here, just a few loose ends I tried to tie up.

Lunch was fairly informal. Many people ate sitting on the ground in groups of 2-4. Some took their lunches into the auditorium, which had actual sets (no tables) and there was typically the end of some kind of presentation going on while most people were getting started on lunch.

Hubspot staff was amazing throughout the whole event. They had help desks on every floor with 2+ employees available to help at all times. They had someone stationed at each escalator as well. Very well done. 

Scott and one of my favorite slides of his. On the left, is some seriously bad water. On the right is what you and I take for granted every day when we turn on the tap.

I am really looking forward to next year!

Overall: this was 100% worth it. I heartily recommend that anyone serious about learning marketing (the right way) come to one of these. Hubspot has a program called "Hustle," which allows you to get your ticket for FREE if you can convince 5 other people to pay full price. 

I will do a followup post as well in a few days once I've had time to digest everything and determine what my goals will be moving forward: how will I apply what I've learned to my company and my life?

Also - Hubspot will be loading videos of the presentations and keynotes. I'll be sure to include a few of those that I found most relevant/inspiring. First, and most importantly, is Arianna Huffington's keynote.

It's nearly 50 minutes long - so give yourself some time to consume it, then some time to digest it.