Sunday, August 4, 2013

High Mountain Trail Rides - and a wedding

I've never been much of a horse person, but my girlfriend Kristen definitely is.
We went out Saturday morning and spent some time on the trails behind Mormon Lake with a local company called High Mountain Trail Rides.

Despite my complete lack of affinity for horses, I very much enjoyed myself. I brought my camera and took a few photos while we were out there with the goal of supplying the company with the images.

Our guide for the day, Josh.

Another ride with the same company

This picture was a complete happy accident

Then, as Kristen and I were wandering among the horses doing some detail shots, a phone call came in that there was to be a wedding! A couple decided they were going to elope and do the wedding that very day. They hired the wagon team at High Mountain Trail Rides. They not only forgot to hire a photographer (gasp) but they forgot to even bring a camera! I volunteered Kristen and myself to do a few photos of them before they set off on their hour-long romantic wagon-ride/wedding.

Overall, a fun day! The pictures aren't quite commercial standard, but I think they represent the experience we had during our morning. If you like horses, I highly recommend this crew. They will do everything from pony rides around the stable to a 2 day camping extravaganza. Family owned and operated. Doesn't get better than that.