Sunday, March 17, 2013

Grand Falls 2013

This morning I adventured with Preston and Kristen out to Grand Falls, AZ (also known as Chocolate Falls, a name I despise) and took some sunrise pictures.

(my first trip to this area was in 2011. My most recent was on assignment for the Land Rover series).

4:44am wakeup
5:02am coffee
5:16 depart flagstaff after fueling up.

We arrived just in time to choose our locations as the sun rose above a low bed of clouds.

My first location wasn't great:

So I repositioned and was able to get one frame I am very happy with:

Killing time, waiting for the light to move where I needed it. Shot a couple silhouettes of our fellow morning adventurers.

Preston Trauscht, of Trauscht Media, getting the perfect angle.