Tuesday, September 25, 2012

California w/ Kristen

Took a trip to California with my lovely lady this last weekend. Took a few pictures during our sunrise walk along the beach at Crystal Cove.

my lovely lady

The trip overall was a blast! I would definitely recommend Crystal Cove as a great place to hang out for the day or even the weekend. I would *not* recommend camping there. The "primitive" camping wasn't too bad, except the view sucked and there was no shade anywhere. The regular camping (on concrete slabs) (right next to the highway) wasn't enticing either.

Snorkeling was good, beach was clean and surprisingly not very crowded. We're planning on going back and renting one of the restored cottages on the beach that overlooks the water. We have to plan 8-12 months ahead to do that, but next year, we will be going back!

For the most part, I spent my time swimming and wandering and generally enjoying myself without my cameras. I am slowly getting back into the rhythm of shooting though... so we may be seeing more pictures here as I keep shooting.