Tuesday, July 17, 2012

tvC Zion 2012

Took a trip with tvC this last weekend to Zion National Park.

Didn't shoot a whole bunch - spent much of my time facilitating those that did come - teaching some exposure, reciprocity, etc.

Pictures from the cell phone:

The only one processed in photoshop instead of Instagram.
Our first stop was a random stop somewhere in Arizona on a fairly abandoned stretch of highway. Shooting serenity on the road.

Brianna shooting the same concept.

It rained a lot, so we spent a fair amount of time huddled in tents, chimping, eating, and laughing.

Rainbow over camp on Friday evening, during the one good sunset we got.

Me at the top of Angels Landing for my second time. Sporting Sea Level Sucks apparel. 

Dano's 85mm lens got dunked in the river. Hardcore.

Puddles from the rain.

Brianna getting it right by laying down in the virgin river. Hardcore.

The shot that Dano got his lens wet for. Nice!

The crew in their raingear, on the way to visit The Narrows.

One of the locations we stopped for some shutter-dragging and water photography.

I did take my D300 out once or twice, but I wasn't seriously shooting on this trip. I took the opportunity to be helpful, to shoot with my iPhone and to just relax and enjoy Zion.
The few that I did keep are all in black and white:


Me, as shot by Angie.

hand-held water photo

Lifestyle. Angie reading with flashlight

Definitely an enjoyable trip. Zion is always amazing. Rain, rock, the virgin river... a very beautiful place. Overall, I still prefer it in the spring, though. More waterfalls to enjoy in April than in July. Fewer people too.

Not a lot going on in my life photographically these days. Taking a bit of a break to focus on other things and to get things in order. I feel a bit burned out on the whole thing, having shot sports for the last 5 years - I'm ready to clear my head and focus on something else for a while. I'm sure I'll come back to photography, but I need to give it some space.

- Matt