Thursday, June 28, 2012

Portrait: Elaine

Elaine and I went to elementary, middle and high school together.

She is in Flag visiting my buddy Lindsey, who shaved her head.

I suckered her into a portrait session.

And that is that.

Both Elaine and Lindsey were an absolute pleasure to work with. Both took direction very well and both should consider spending more time in front of a camera.

For those who are curious, I shot both portraits with 700w/s of compact fluorescent hotlights, which look something like this:

500 up front in a strip-light style, but all aimed for even coverage. Then 200 in the back for a hairlight + rimlight.

Not a bad setup, when it comes right down to it. I would definitely prefer strobes, but you do what you gotta do. With this much light I was at 800 ISO at 1/125 sec at F/3.2, give or take a bit for how close we moved the subject to the lights, etc.