Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Death Valley 2012: Cell Phone Edition

I shot a lot with my phone during the Death Valley trip. More convenient than lugging around the massive kit I generally shoot with, but almost as snappy. Certainly faster than the P7000.

SeƱor Fotographia modifying his panorama L bracket

the first casualty of the trip

second casualty

third casualty

parking lot napz


the wound

dutch oven pizza

workshop time: time-lapse

creative hammock hanging

pizza is ready

adventure pipe & case

Death Valley Junction pit stop

my two co-founders

time-lapse workshop

gear on the table

time lapse and HDR post-processing workshop

out on the sand dunes

the path to Safari Preston

heading in from the sand dunes

Overall, I'm quite happy with what I captured using my phone. I love the polaroid look, and will likely attempt to print a few of these just to see how they look. Maybe some day I'll do a book of my best cell phone images.

Peace n love!