Monday, February 6, 2012

Capstone Image #1

Hello world,
I'm back in action photographing cars and motorcycles as part of my senior photography capstone course at NAU.
This week:  2011 Yamaha V-Star 950

We started off at sunrise. Outdoor temperature was something like 15 degrees, which meant my stunt driver for the day was COLD, especially out at 50 mph on the road.
We kept him happy by warming him up in the photomobile between locations.
Janelle was kind enough to assist me by driving the vehicle I shot out of while the motorcycle maneuvered around us.
In total, I shot 1001 pictures in just under an hour on location around Lake Mary. Of those, I kept about 100. I'm particularly happy with one, but I think a few are passably good.

The basic concept for the shoot was to figure out a decent system for where I need to sit in the vehicle to get good pictures (the trunk), what maneuvers the vehicle needs to do for me to get good angles, and to discover a basic range of shutter speeds at which I can functionally pan for drive-by images.

When it comes down to it, the drive-by was the only angle that really allowed me to get a good angle on the bike. Assuming the same thing holds true for cars (which it almost certainly does), I will spend less time in the trunk of an SUV and more time on the side of the road.

Next up: adding artificial lighting. We had lovely overcast morning, so I didn't need to add much to balance things out. If it had been particularly sunny, I would have needed some fill. I have a plan for this as well.