Monday, January 23, 2012

Models in the studio

I spent yesterday with my compatriots Andy and Taylor in the studio photographing a few ladies who are relatively new to modeling. Here is what I came up with:




A righteous good time working with each lovely lady. I hope to photograph all three of them in the future and I encourage other photographers to do the same!

My only real concept for the day was the shoot-through-fan deal, which I actually executed with a hot-light while Taylor used the strobes for one of his concepts.

Fun stuff: This Sunday tvC is hosting our first Photowalk in downtown Flagstaff with cameras and maybe models, seeing what there is to see and taking lots of pictures. Any and all are welcome. We will start off at noon with lunch at Big Foot BBQ, then wander aimlessly starting at 1pm. It's FREE unless you're having lunch with us.