Monday, September 26, 2011


Our first real assignment for my Corporate/Industrial photo class this semester is an engagement shoot.

Since I don't know anyone who is recently engaged or planning on doing so soon - I faked it.

In the interest of doing something a little... less traditional, I decided to try get across the engaged-thing while also getting across the fact that not all girls suck at video games.

Here are the results:

In addition - I tried a new lighting technique for these images: faking TV light. It went better than I expected. The light is my Einstein 640 through a 5' softbox right about eye-level. I pushed the WB so the light comes across a bit cooler than usual. Viola. TV light.

Surprisingly enough - the people who have responded to my question so far on Facebook like the concept and like the images. I wasn't sure the idea would get across so I crowdsourced my decision. Now, it looks like I will turn these images in after all!

I've got a bunch more shoots coming up this week. In fact, I'm not quite sure when I'm going to fit everything in...