Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Portraits: Amanda

It had been way too long since I photographed by good friend and ex-roommate Amanda, so the other day we got together and made some pictures.

The goal of the shoot was twofold. First, get a cutesy portrait-y picture that she probably wouldn't mind sending to her mom.
Second, to goth her out in black clothes and makeup and get something a little darker and a bit more creepy.

Above you see Amanda as she actually exists in real life. Beautiful.

Below you see Amanda as the kind of girl your mother warned you to stay away from in high school.

I absolutely love the intensity of this last image. The way her head is just slightly cocked, the way she seems to be staring directly at the viewer... it creeps me out and intrigues me simultaneously. 

After we finished taking pictures, we decided to go shopping. The looks we got from the people in Walmart were absolutely priceless. Perhaps next time I'll hide a camera on her somewhere and just have her walk around like this...