Monday, June 20, 2011

42 hours of shooting: RAGNAR

I had one heckuva weekend.

I flew from Fort Wayne, IN to Salt Lake, UT on Thursday afternoon with three of my three cohorts from thevisualCollective. We drove to Logan, UT and got approximately three hours of sleep.

0300 - Wake up call.
0330 - Breakfast
0400 - In the car (Dodge Journey)
0430 - On set at the start line of the Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay Race.

What is a wastatch back relay race? It's a 192 mile run. Teams of 12 people take turns running for more than 26 hours straight. Very little sleep. Hot. Cold. Rain. Wind. Sunshine.
How many people participate? This race had nearly 1,200 teams, totaling nearly 15,000 people. As part of a four-person photography crew, our job was to photograph as many of those people as possible. We had an absolute blast, and got almost no sleep. Between driving and photographing, I had 2 hours of sleep over a 44 hour period.

Taylor and Andrew at the finish line

Me and Genevieve and the PhotoBunnies at the finish line
(photo by Taylor Mahoney)

I shot about 1,000 frames and posted nearly 700 to the website Total, the four of us uploaded nearly 2,500 pictures to the internet in the last 24 hours. Thank goodness for free hotel wifi!

Very little of my time in the last few days has allowed for personal space, privacy, cleanliness, or the ability to photograph anything other than relay participants.

Sunrise on Sunday morning, however, I was able to muster a few non-race pictures. I don't think they are particularly great photos - That wasn't the point at all. The idea was simply to shoot something that wasn't a runner.

Whew. Last night we got 8 or 10 hours of sleep. We're cleaning up the hotel room now and flying out of  Salt Lake City this afternoon.

Hopefully more bloggage to come in the next week!