Monday, May 16, 2011

Shooting Sierra

The other day, I did a photoshoot with the lovely Sierra. This was our first time working together, but I'm sure it won't be our last.

^concept ^

Oddly enough, the image that I envisioned for the shoot ended up being my least favorite of what I got. It was fairly quick, for me; less than 200 frames total. Sierra did a lovely job taking direction and (even better) self-directing 

The backdrop is a storage container that's taking up valuable parking space near my house. I've hated it since it showed up and I look at it every day. It took me nearly a year to realize its potential as a photo location. 

Technically, there isn't much special going on. As usual, the Einstein and Vagabond Mini are providing light, somewhere around 1/2 power at camera left. I used the 35mm f/1.8, which is slowly becoming my favorite lens, replacing the 50mm that has long been my workhorse for personal work.

I've got a helluva month coming up. I'll be leaving Arizona, driving to my hometown in Boulder, driving to vacation in Indiana, flying to a gig in Utah, flying back to Boulder and driving to Flagstaff. During this time, I will live almost exclusively out of my LowePro backpack. It will hold all my important camera gear, as well as the clothes and stuff I'll need. For a month. 

I'll do at least two posts over the coming month describing how that is working out for me, along with the many fun photos I encounter along the way.

Have a great Monday!