Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sedona Day Trip

Most of the time, it feels great to by busy.

Unfortunately for my faithful readers, the more time I spend working on the business end of thevisualCollective, the less time I have to blog here.

Anyway. Thursday after class I cruised down to Sedona with my buddy Katie. We made some photos, some videos, and generally had fun driving around with the top down.

Here's some of what I got!

And a couple close-ups of the stills

Surprisingly enough, I got some photographs in color as well

Clicking on any of the above pictures enlarges them. That has always been the case - but now they're even bigger! I've increased my web-size from 800px to 1000px. Not a huge difference, but enough that my friends with HUGE iMac screens can see a little more clearly.

Have a great week!