Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dammit, I suck (the graph)

A friend posted the following image to my Facebook wall.

I've attempted to address part of this in previous posts, but this graph gets pretty much all of it out in one swoop. The most important aspect being: EGO. The blue line represents how good you think you are as a photographer. Notice it starts at the top. 90% Everything I shoot is perfect. It's pretty. My mom loves it. As knowledge makes its miserably slow decline off of 0%, the EGO line comes down. Quick.

Also - as soon as one hits the Gearfaggotry section of knowledge, the Quality of photos decreases significantly, plopping the photographer in The HDR Hole. Now, I don't have anything against HDR in principle, but I do hate how most people execute it. AND, I have definitely seen this happen. A Photographer gets their first tripod, first prosumer camera body, and first superwide lens and procedes to.... make a shitload of HDR images.

The part that I really enjoy is the instant decline in the EGO line shortly after the photographer gets into Flickr, Photoshop and DeviantArt. 

Dammit, I suck.

I think every creative person finds this moment eventually. Many find it frequently. The important thing is that after the "Dammit, I suck" moment, the EGO line stays in check. The photographer doesn't think his shit don't stink - but rather is humble about his images. The quality of photos are well above how good the photographer thinks he is - so he keeps trying, learning, pushing. I think we should all strive to be that photographer.