Thursday, March 24, 2011

Waiting For Superman

I just finished watching the film "Waiting for 'Superman'"

I can say without any hesitation that it deserves the awards it received, and then some.

If you haven't seen it yet - I suggest you rent it and take a gander. Nothing is more important to the future of our country than a well-educated populace. Economic stability, innovation, and general quality of life all depend on our kids getting the best education possible.

That isn't happening.

Not yet.

I believe it can happen - if we all do our part to facilitate the sweeping changes that are necessary.

While we're on the topic - I'd like to thank all of the fantastic teachers I have had throughout my education. High school, in particular, found me sitting in front of some of the most motivated and talented teachers I have ever known.

Generally, I don't like to name names - but these people deserve recognition for what they have done, and continue to do for children.

Karen Keeler
Emily Rundell
Pam Bond-Simmons
Paul Carter
Jim Keller
Rose Lupinacci
Denise McCleary
Ron Revier
Don Stensrud
Jay Stott
Rebecca "Trainor" Feeney
Theresa Reali

Each of these educators not only taught me something about the curriculum they were assigned to teach, but they taught me something about the world and about myself.

Thank you all.

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