Wednesday, March 16, 2011

thevisualCollective Death Valley trip - Day 2

Day two saw much of the trip up at dawn, getting some great sunrise photographs. I had a blast shooting manual white balance at 10,000K

some funky double-exposure stuff

We left Lake Mead behind us and hit up Henderson, NV for some shopping

Wal Mart

Snacks, and finding room for the $200 in groceries

Some of the participants found themselves hankering for batteries, or more gear in general. We stopped at the Ritz Camera in Henderson to contribute to the economy.

Andy bought a Hoodman Loupe for his T2i, which he rubber banded and hair-tied to the camera to facilitate manual focusing in the blinding sunlight

All that shopping had us hankering for food. Schlotzsky's provided some great sandwiches

Food coma. 

I made it my pet project to photograph motorcycles, jeeps, and muscle cars that we saw on the road...

Eventually we found ourselves entering Death Valley National Park. It's $20 per vehicle to get into the park. That buys you a week of fun in the sun. We snagged a map and set about figuring out a campground. 

Surprisingly (to me at least), the big campgrounds we saw were quite full. Most people made reservations. We had to pull up and ask people if we could share their space. Luckily, we found a group of super-awesome adults who (apparently) never really grew up. We bartered a couple of the donated 13% abv. Doppleganger brews from Flagstaff to stay in the very back of their campsite.

 Before we had camp set up, we started shooting. I dragged out my Einstein 640 and the Vagabond and went at it with the afternoon light. This was Ashley's first time really modeling - she did a great job following directions and dealing with five photographers at a time. Kudos!

At some point, we did get camp set up. Dinner on night two was Dutch Oven Pizza. Lots of cheesy goodness and super delish. We also played a bit with fire - adding some funky color-changing powder to the fire. Didn't work very well, but still fun to play with.

And so ended Day 2.