Monday, March 21, 2011

Free Running

Thanks to Bryan Kinkade over at The Schlepper, I got in contact with a free running group based in Phoenix. Six members of DAFT Free Running braved the cold and the wind in Flagstaff yesterday to be photographed. There is no photoshop trickery here - these guys are serious athletes. Wall runs, wall flips, flag maneuvers, spins, flips... you name it, they can do it. Andrew Paffrath of thevisualCollective and lanternCity Media was also on hand to catch video.


20 feet up. No crash pads.



I admit to having a bit of a fetish for wall flips (running up a wall and backflipping off) and wall runs (running along a wall). Those were the two shots I was really after when I asked the group to come up to Flagstaff. I got far more good images than I thought I would - I hope the group is pleased, because I sure am!

I used my Einstein 640 with the Vagabond Mini all day. The two were a great combination at all kinds of power levels. My buddy Ozzy acted as a VAL for the day, which made me nearly as mobile as the athletes (though considerably slower).

I had my 18-55mm on the D300s, with the .45x adapter for a super-wide angle look. I'll do a review of that adapter sometime in the near future.
For now I'm off to enjoy some hot chocolate as I watch the snow coming down!