Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Paparazzi with Taylor Mahoney

I had the opportunity this evening to assist photographer and cinematographer Taylor Mahoney in a pretty sweet shoot.

His concept involved a celebrity getting mobbed by the overeager paparazzi. He set the whole thing up in about 12 hours, including getting a mob of photographers, model, and gear. Pretty impressive stuff.

First, some BehindTheScenes images:

Everything I shot tonight was done at 1000 ISO with a popup flash or SB600 speedlight on 1/16 to 1/10 power. We had a blast. My job was to act as paparazzi-ish as possible, while firing off two cameras with strobes. I could have done with this without keeping any photos, but I figured I might as well keep the images and see what I could get.

Shooting on Large, Fine JPG, I got about 350 frames over the course of Taylor's shoot.

At one point, I grabbed my cell phone and snagged some video...

Sorry about the sideways-ness... Apparently I'm supposed to hold my phone horizontally while shooting video 0_0

I also got some images that don't totally suck to look at, especially considering I was shooting on-camera flash - which we are taught in photo school to avoid at pretty much all costs.
They work best as a series, but some of them are strong enough to stand alone...

Overall, a great success! Lots of fun with some of the most talented and fun people in the student photography community at NAU. I plan on assisting Taylor as much as I can in the future, especially if his concepts are going to continue to be so much fun.