Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hotel shoots 1 and 2

I've established a working relationship with the Hampton Inn & Suites in Flagstaff. I come in and make demands, and they give me whatever I want. Free breakfast is provided.

Pretty good gig, if you ask me.

Last week I photographed Alexandra in their pool.

The other day, I spent some time in their lobby...

I admit, interior photography isn't really my thing. Still, I've seen worse. I did, however, enjoy doing some more artsy/abstract shots like those below:

The following day, I asked for access to a room for a couple hours. Again, management acquiesced. This time, I convinced Christie to model for me and Dahlia to assist me.

Of course, I shot everything in color - but I don't have gels for my strobe equipment and all the compact fluorescent lightbulbs were color-corrected to tungsten. The result is fairly mixed light:

I lit everything with a 5' softbox on an Einstein 640. A beauty dish would have worked great as well, but I don't have one yet. The main issue with the softbox is that it is huge, while the hotel room is fairly small. Of course it is also a gargantuan light source, so it lit up the floor and much of the bed as well.

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