Wednesday, February 2, 2011

dreamTrip - Call for participants

Last week, I started officially planning the adventure I'm calling dreamTrip 2011.

I haven't decided on very many things, but I have hammered out a few basic concepts.

1) We are going to be on the road for 7 days. March 12-19, 2011. 
2) Starting from Flagstaff, AZ we will caravan approximately 475 miles to Death Valley, CA
3) As much as possible, we will avoid freeways. Traveling through small towns, eating at local eateries and meeting local people is a big part of the experience
4) Anywhere that any person on the trip wants to stop, we will stop. We will shoot in the forest, the desert, in hotels and cars... basically anywhere that strikes our fancy.

In addition to a whole bunch of awesome still images, I expect to produce (in collaboration with others) a final video showing the highlights, behind the scenes and of course, bloopers. Maybe we'll get enough material to do one video of each. Andrew Paffrath of lanternCity Media and Fotography has already signed up to be our key video shooter.

Noelle Wells has also signed on as a shooter and transportation master.

Of course I'll be along, representing Vault Photography, as will my girlfriend, Dahlia Stack (she doesn't have a website. Shame on her!)

In order to make this trip a success:

We need more people! Models! Photographers! Videographers!

Everyone will pitch for fuel costs and for the sketchy cheap-o motels/hostels we stay in. Overall, I don't expect it to be insanely expensive for any individual. We will do our best to photograph places for free, rather than paying entry fees or going on tours or whatever.

If you're interested in coming along, please drop me an email or a comment below. It is going to be an awesome creative experience. Lots of collaboration, making new friends, learning a LOT and basically having a crazy awesome adventure.

Sound good?