Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Out and about

I was way too warm yesterday afternoon, so I decided to get out and enjoy the bitter winter chill of downtown Flagstaff. I grabbed my camera, put on a coat, and headed out to freeze.

Here's what I came up with.

I've definitely done worse. I particularly enjoy the first photograph. I love taking pictures of birds. The alley I was standing in was full of them. Most of them were bombing the ground below without the courtesy of warning beforehand, so I didn't wander into the alley - instead choosing to stand off to the side. In order to catch the wings in a good position, I kept the camera on Continuous High shooting mode, and rocked away at 8 frames per second until I saw the shot I wanted.

In the third image, the car was driving by me as I went to open my car door. I guessed the exposure and fired at Continuous High for 10 frames or so. I didn't even look at the LCD until I was in my car and the heat was on full blast. 

There is something great about listening to a camera thrash the shutter and the lens diaphragm around. The feel of it is undeniably awesome as well. Sure, it takes a lot less skill to hold the shutter down than to catch the precise moment - it is also way more fun. 

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Have a great day!