Friday, December 24, 2010


Saturday's post on Asymptotical Creativity was the most popular post in the history of this blog, so I assume that something in that post resonated with people. At least, I'd like to think so.

You know, I find it kind of funny that the posts that I like the most tend to get very little attention. Conversely, the posts where I'm kind of thinking out loud about something tend to get a bunch of hits. According to my stat counter, I had people coming in all weekend to learn about Asymptotes. Perhaps math should be a reoccurring theme on the Vault Blog?

Pssch. Yeah right.

I hate math.

Luckily for me and for all my readers, I write this blog mainly for myself - to help me get my thoughts into some kind of order. To help me make sense of the things I'm doing in my own life. Sure, There are 40 people or so who regularly read what I have to say - but I don't really know who you all are and I'm not necessarily catering this message to you. I don't mean to demean your importance - I love all my readers and I would definitely not write this blog as often if I knew nobody was reading it. Still - I have different priorities than many bloggers out there.

IE - I'm not trying to be popular.

I don't really care how many hits I get (average of 50/day on this blog), how many Facebook friends I have (about 460) or how many followers I have on Twitter (about 320).

None of that really matters because in the end, my goal is to simply add to the wealth of information on the Internet, and to get my own head straight every once in a while.

Aaaaaanyway.... Here are a couple shots from my last mismatched upload.

Power lines along the highway from Flagstaff to Boulder

My buddy Scott

The trees outside my porch in Flagstaff

Scott's Honda Rebel 

I actually really like how the shot of the Rebel came out. It's two shots combined, all in camera of course, via the "Multiple Exposure" feature in the D300 and D300s. One shot is really out of focus, while the second shot is sharp as a tack. The resulting combination is kind of dreamy and, I think, quite unique.

With any luck, blogging will pick back up in the next week as I drag out the camera and start shooting again.

I hope you, my loyal readers, have a great holiday season!