Wednesday, November 3, 2010

High Key: Jasmine

You may remember, quite a while back, I told you all that I had met an artist whose work I really admire.

She and I finally had the opportunity to get together and talk a few things over. I did some tech support for her, and together we created a very basic website.

First, my picture of her

Jasmine Stack

It was a really quick shoot. Our goal was to get something to put on her website. This isn't the photo that we're using there - but I kinda like it. Would definitely prefer she had a different color top. Oh well. I plan on doing another shoot with her (she doesn't know this) and getting some much better results.

Jasmine spent last year working on an amazing series of paintings highlighting the female experience as she observes it. This particular series pretty much speaks for itself. I highly recommend you head over to her website and give her work a good look.

I chose wordpress for her site because it's free and I'm fairly familiar with how to set up different pages. I don't think she'll end up using it as a blog, but now she has the option to do so. That and she can change the look of it with almost no effort and certainly without any coding. I'd recommend this above services like weebly (or whatever it's called) because you can so easily add more "Pages" and because it's very easy to work with - once you get used to the quirks. Plus is has all sorts of awesome features built in (none of which Jasmine is using) like widgets for facebook, twitter, weather, etc.

I shot a ten-image series yesterday during class. I'll post that sometime this week if I can find time.
Basketball season starts tonight, and I'm going to Phoenix from Friday night to Sunday morning to photograph another band day. Yay high school marching bands....

Have a great day!