Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photo Printing

Throughout all of last year, Sams Club did the best photo printing in Flagstaff. They were using a gorgeous Fuji machine, they had knowledgeable lab techs, and the experience was great overall.

This year, however, is a different story.

First, online printing was down, so users had to drag their memory cards into the store and print using the Kodak Kiosks From Hell. When online printing came back online, they had moved from the Fuji printer to the Kodak Printer From Hell. Either it is never calibrated, or they have the settings all F*&CKED up because many of the photos I've seen out of that printer suck. These are all coming from people who calibrate their monitors and post-process their images for output.

Now, it turns out that ordering prints larger than 8x10 means that they have to use a non-kodak printer. I think it might even be Fuji. So, yesterday I ordered 20 prints at 11x14 for my midterm portfolio. I ordered them at approximately 12:42pm. The confirmation email told me they would be ready around 1:50pm. I waited until 6:00 or so before heading down. It turns out that *gasp* my order didn't get processed. Not only had it not been printed, but the servers in Flagstaff didn't even know that I'd placed an order.


Looking at my order status on the Sams Club website, I see that "Your order has been received and we are currently working on it." Great.

I swear, if these prints are anything less than absolutely gorgeous, I'm going to have to start printing somewhere else. Maybe I'll use MPIX and have them shipped out here. That would be such a pain, but at least I know my prints would be gorgeous!

Anyway. Here's all 20 of the portraits I've got so far. My goal for the end of the semester is 50. We're halfway through, so I'm a little behind. No problemo.