Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Being sick isn't all bad - because I'm staying home to avoid infecting the healthy (such a noble cause), I am forced to play around in photoshop.

Yesterday I spent my time working on a new logo concept for Vault Photography. It has absolutely nothing to do with a vault, so I'm not sure if it's worth keeping.

I've never come across a photo logo that used the concept of a viewfinder, so I'm curious about what you, my faithful readers, think about it.

I did the same thing without the focus points. It's simple - i think a little too simple.

I'm thinking about doing a different slideshow on the home page as well, something that incorporates the viewfinder concept and then ends on the new logo.

Like that, except less sloppy and with more photos. And the logo would stay up at the end instead of fading to black.

This would replace the current slideshow on the homepage.

Thoughts? Worth keeping? Any changes? I'm open to suggestions here.