Thursday, October 28, 2010

Einstein: Fixes from Paul

Serious bummer for Paul C Buff and company.

It turns out the issue I had with my Einstein not holding the softbox is not isolated. In fact, enough users have had problems that the company has ordered all new Cam Assembly parts made. They will then replace the parts on all the strobes that are currently in use.

I assume that this means I will have to ship my flash back to TN, wait two weeks, and then get my unit back. We'll see how this works out.

the PDF that the company sent out in an email to all users

In the meantime - they offer a ghetto solution: rubber bands from the cam to the umbrella screw. They are even shipping 6 rubber bands to every Einstein owner.

They've also had issues with the Frosted Dome cover coming lose during transit. The instructions above also show how to fix that.

Overall, I'm impressed that the company is doing their part to ensure a great user experience. This is the kind of stuff that allows them to retain customers for continued repeat business.

Yes, I'm disappointed that they released the product before serious testing. But, the way they are handling everything is great. Kudos Paul.