Thursday, October 21, 2010


Goodness. It's been a bit dull around here in terms of new photography. I believe I had already posted to the blog each of the 20 images that I (supposedly) had printed. Plus, despite the great feedback I've been getting about my proposed logo, that stuff isn't tragically interesting either.

This is the final image of the 20 that I had printed (that still havent been printed). I think it is the only one that hasn't had its own post so far. Allow me to fix that.

Inspired by The Dark Knight, I shot this in NAU's studio with a single bare Profoto D1 monolight.

Not much to it, really. Fairly quick and simple. I asked Seth to hold the mask, we propped it open with a borrowed pencil. I think I fired ten frames or so and we were done. I used the "color monochrome" in Aperture to give it a little different feel than just black and white.

I really wish Seth was wearing better shoes. The slipper/moccasin look doesn't really do it for me... but he was willing to stand there and hold the mask, so I let him.

Working on some new material today in class - then of course a new poetry slam tonight! Long day ahead...