Thursday, September 30, 2010

Still life

I'm not usually a big fan of photographing stuff sitting on tables.

In an attempt to make my most recent assignment a little more fun, I made it halloween themed.

The drink is called "True Blood," it's a seriously disgusting energy drink. I got the props at the Spirit Halloween store that shows up in Flagstaff every September. The syringe doesn't have a needle - it's actually designed as a "syringe shot," for sucking back alcohol at those crazy all hallows eve parties. The eyeball is a ping pong ball, for those deadly beer pong games. I dont think any of my props will ever get used for their original purpose, but I've got them laying around regardless.

This is regular water, with one or two drops of red food dye. 

To come: some new portraits from my color portrait class. Would you believe it, they're actually in color!