Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Something to say

My problem with a lot of photography is that it has nothing to say.
It might be a pretty picture - but if it doesn't really get across any idea or emotion, a lot of the time it really is just another pretty picture.

In an attempt to make a photograph that says something about something, I made the following image.

I think the image is fairly self-explanatory. It would work a bit better if I had a dark-skinned model, but I worked with what I had on hand. For the record, the model has no intention of killing America or American citizens. He's just a model crazy enough to go along with my crazy ideas.

Of course, I could put any flag I want in the sights. I probably will in the future, with a different setup and with a different gun. Of course, I have the same image in color. I like it just as much in color as in black and white.

Anyone else have an opinion? Color vs black and white?