Sunday, September 5, 2010

Get in my way. I dare you.

As an event and sports photographer, I spend a lot of time trying to maneuver around people who insist on getting in my way, whatever the cost. Many of these people are referees, but zealous spectators are just as bad.

One of my new projects for the year is the "Get in my way" series. It will consist of unflattering photographs of people who get in my way.

Either I vent my frustration this way, or I start beating people to death with my monopod....

To start off the series:

Spectators at the cross country meet yesterday at Buffalo park. These offenses are particularly heinous because this meet is my only chance to photograph NAU's cross country runners.

This guy not only got in my way at the start of the race - but he's shooting Canon!

Just Kidding! - I got nothing against Canon shooters.

Rather than beating these people to death, I simply yell out "excuse me!" Most people are then courteous enough to scootch so I can shoot around them. When I'm shooting sports, I tend to look like a paid photographer. Aside from the most comfortable shoes in the world, I nearly look professional. This definitely works to my advantage - nobody wants to get in the way of a "real" photographer...