Friday, September 17, 2010

Bare strobe

Getting back into the swing of things with flash photography recently has been a blast.

My classes are starting us out with all bare flash, mostly because my profs assume none of us have any experience lighting our own photos.

No matter that I've been doing it for a few years, I take it as another fun challenge. I help out my amigos who ask for help and I try to make an original photo or two.

I got a few minutes the other day with an AB800 strobe while my class worked on "daylight-sync," which is just firing a strobe with ambient light. I learned how to do this from David Hobby's writing should be required reading for all photographers as far as I'm concerned. No joke.

Anyway. Collin modeled for me for a bit and here's what I got.

Lit with one AB800 and a sketchy spot grid. Ok, so I guess it isn't technically bare flash. It is what we call "harsh" light though, and that's the goal for the intro to flash in my studio class. At least for now.

I've also got it in color - though I don't like it nearly as much, I'll post it for you color people.

This weekend I'll be shooting like crazy. Soccer, Golf, a portrait project, and probably some images whilst camping up in Lockett Meadow.
I also have another couple frames from class that I'll end up posting eventually.