Thursday, September 2, 2010

August Contest Winner!!!

During the month of August, there was a contest going on here on The Vault Blog.

After receiving a really good comment from an anonymous poster, I decided to see if I could get more. The experiement worked out pretty well - the number of comments just about doubled.

This month, I'm giving away the Comment of the Month prize to Simon Hucko

Photo stolen from Simon Hucko

A lab tech by day and a passionate photographer in his own right. Simon runs his own blog over at [title of blog] - and I encourage you to check it out! I am not nearly as diligent about commenting as he is - but he's on my RSS feed and the blog is well worth a look.

Photo stolen from Simon Hucko

Simon posted three comments this month, the most out of any of my visitors.

The prize this month is a 4GB LEXAR memory card. I suspect he shoots Compact Flash, so I'll be sending him a 200x CF card sometime in the next week.

For the record - Lexar does NOT sponsor me or this blog - I'm just a huge fan. Everything I give away comes out of my own pocket.

The contest continues. Every month a winner will be chosen, so let me hear what you have to say! The more the merrier!
Here's a re-posting of the details.

Comment of the Month!

That's right. I'm so desperate for comments that I'm going to reward those of you who comment either on Facebook or on the blog itself. The reward will change every month, but here are a few of the things I'm thinking about giving away.

  • Vault Photography hats/shirts
  • Free business card printing
  • Limited Edition prints (BIG ONES!)
  • Headphones
  • Photography books
  • Memory cards
  • USB drives
If you leave a comment on one of my posts, you're automatically entered to win. Of course, the better the quality of your comment, the higher your chances of winning. Dont BS me, but do try to say something more meaningful than "Great shot!" or "you suck."

Let me state that these contests will be entirely subjective - I will pick who wins. If you don't like it, too bad. <insert legal mumbo-jumbo about where contests are and aren't valid and No Purchase Necessary and stuff>

If you people make me hire a lawyer to spell out all that stuff, I'm going to cancel the contest (which I have a right to do whenever I want for whatever reason I want) and pout (which I am also allowed to do!)

Each contest will run from the beginning to the end of that month with winners announced whenever I get around to it.