Friday, August 13, 2010

MacBook pro issues - HELP!

My broken MacBook pro.

A little about the computer. It is a refurbished 2007 2.2ghz with 2gb ram. I put a 500gb WD hdd in it less than a year ago. I've never had any serious problems with it. I do not have my apple discs - though i will have them in a week.

The symptoms: upon power up I get no screen. No grey, no white, no blue. Nothing. The fans kick on, the hdd spins up, the LED on the front comes on and stays on. I get the classic apple "chime." then it sits there.

I tried to boot into target mode via FireWire, something I have done successfully in the past, to my PowerPC g5. No go. I hooked up my external monitor and tried cmd+decrease brightness. I also tried f7 and fn+f7 to mirror the displays. Nothing. Because I can't see anything, I can't log in. My PowerPC is set to share Internet via the mbp, but it doesn't get internet, which I take it to mean that the mbp is not getting even close to booting up.

I used the machine successfully 4 hours before the failure. I shut it (gently) when i left. When I returned, I got the symptoms described above.

My stuff is all backed up - but I would really like to get this machine working again. Any suggestions are helpful and appreciated.