Friday, July 16, 2010

You can pick your nose...

I very much enjoyed photographing one of my long-time clients earlier this week. I've had the privilege of watching their two boys grow older, and I look forward to continuing that tradition in the future.

This past photo shoot reminded me very much of what my little brother and I were like, so many years ago. Of course it seems like forever ago to me, though I'm sure my parents remember it like it was yesterday.

Getting them to cooperate for 30 seconds at a time isn't so bad, though getting both to smile was much harder than getting them to frown, which they found highly amusing.

Of course a little friendly pushing and shoving came to noogies which lead to hair pulling and punching...

Eventually, somebody ends up pouting after the stern "Am I going to have to separate you two?" from mom or dad.

In the end though, we did get everyone together for a nice family portrait... 

Though I'm afraid boys will be boys, and Mom is sometimes just along for the ride!

Seriously though, we did manage to get a family portrait without any tongues, nose-picking, or frowning.

I even managed to learn a little about myself during this shoot. I very much enjoyed the whole experience, but I particularly liked photographing the boys. It seems my reluctance to stand in front of people and yell "Say CHEEEEZE!!!!" is still present - mainly because I think it leads to cheesy photographs, rather than something that captures the family spirit. Let's be honest, nothing captures family spirit like noogies, or some wholesome nose-picking.