Friday, July 16, 2010

Lesson one

If I had to pick one thing to tell any photographer - young or old, new or experienced, that I could guarantee would improve the quality of their work - it would be this.

Shoot MORE.

It doesn't matter how many classes you take, how many blogs you read, how much expensive gear you have - if you aren't constantly shooting, you aren't improving.

Not much of an epiphany, but something we all need to hear. Myself included.

I shot this frame in the middle of another shoot at Chautauqua Park. She was tottering around at the edge of my field of view, so I dialed in a new exposure and rapid-fired with my 200mm racked all the way out - like the total creeper I am. Ten seconds later she was back playing with her friends and I was back to the shoot at hand.

Sorry about the Blog Lite this week. I've been relaxing, reading, and volunteering my time away without making any time to shoot.