Monday, June 14, 2010

Previously un-named project

You may recall that I posted something in the recent past that indicated I had done a shoot, but couldn't reveal it for one reason or another.

It turns out that the shoot in question took place in order to produce a birthday gift for my dad, who has been a volunteer firefighter for the last bazillion years (or so it seems).

The photo turned out like this:

The subject is my dad's Ford Excursion, which serves as his primary response vehicle when he isn't driving one of the real firetrucks.

The process behind the photo is fairly simple. I waited until my dad left town, took the truck up to a moderately scenic view of North Boulder and waited for the light to do what I wanted.

While I waited, it started to rain. This ended up being quite a blessing, as the truck was far dirtier than I would have liked and the rain helped hide that to some extent.

Long exposure to get both sides of the light bar lit up at the same time.

I ended up spending some serious time in photoshop to get rid of some powerlines and other distracting objects. The selective color - usually a look I avoid - is fairly simple  but I think it works pretty well.

Mpix did a great job printing and delivering right on schedule. It looks like I've found my new favorite for high-quality prints.

I've been shooting a bunch recently - I'm finally carrying my camera around with me everywhere I go. Unfortunately, I have not been making much time to blog. I'll see what I can do to fix that.

Have a great Monday!