Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jeeping in Sedona

Whew. Finals are over and for better or worse, I'm done with my fourth semester at NAU.

Last weekend I took a break from studying and went down to Sedona with a few of my buddies to do some 4 wheeling. We took Schneebly road down and then hit up the features on Broken Arrow for a few hours.

the view on the way down Schneebly

I shot this trip pretty much my usual style with one major difference - I used a polarizer on my 18-55mm kit lens. It created a great vignette effect on all my photos because I stacked it right on top o the UV filter. My buddies laughed at me for using my cheap-o $100 lens and a filter that cost $50, but I'm happy with what I got:

borrowed the 12-24mm for this shot

The originals for all these photos were fairly unremarkable. Contrast was surprisingly low and these images took a fair amount of work in Aperture. I ended up working on just one image for 20 minutes or so, then I saved my sliders as a preset and applied it to the rest of the images. Most of them look like crap in color - the contrast and saturation are pretty far out of whack. Here's an example - Color and BW of the same image:

One reason I really like the following image is because I got some solid motion-blur on the front tire. I think the background is a bit distracting so it didn't make the final cut. Before the clouds showed up I was at 1/200 sec. When allofasudden it got much darker, I dropped my shutter to 1/60 right as Case started slipping his tires all over the rock. 

I'll update this post with VIDEOS in a bit.