Saturday, May 15, 2010

Inspired: Thanks to Luna Luciani Photography

I spent some time wandering through Flickr yesterday afternoon, and I came upon a collection of Photography by Sara Strimpel, one of my little brother's friends and a talented photographer.
She has a bunch of very diverse work and I spent probably an hour going through her 440 pictures.

This photo really inspired me to get off my ass, grab my camera and go shoot.

© Luna Luciani Photography 

It seems that everyone is always looking for a new interesting way to show the world... but so few people do it upside down! I grabbed my camera, turned it upside down and practically ran out the door to try my hand at seeing the world upside down.

 Unsurprisingly, most of what I shot was crap. Seeing the world in a new way is really tough and I just couldn't get ahold of any compositions that looked better upside down than they did right side up.

It was a great exercise though; anything that forces me to change my perspective can help me grow as a photographer and, I think, as a person in general.

After I got back from this shoot, I did the whiskey shoot in the following post, which turned out much better in my opinion.