Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blog Lite: continued

Sorry for the total lack of posts recently. I'm working on getting my DAM stuff organized from the last year. That means a lot of tedious work and even more time spent watching the computer copy files from one drive to another.

The other day I purchased a waterproof, fireproof, lockable safe for my external hard drives, so I'm busy filling it with backups of my personal photos as well as the 135gb I shot for NAU Athletics over the last 8 months. This ensures my copies will be safe while I'm away in Colorado and it saves me from hauling a dozen hard drives all over the place. I got mine at Wal Mart for a bit over $50. A small price to pay to protect a year's worth of work.

Hopefully I'll dredge out my camera in the next couple days to take some pictures... the last couple weeks have proven to be a nice break from the shutter though. I originally intended to do a bunch of shooting while at my buddy's cabin out near Showlow, AZ, but the wind and dust combination was too much for me to handle, though I do need to get my gear cleaned over the summer. All of it. That will not be cheap...

I'm off to run *more* errands and hopefully to get in a bike ride. Have a great Thursday!