Sunday, April 18, 2010


Friday afternoon was chosen as the day for the long-awaited zombie shoot. I shall regale you with the tale in chronological order.

Makeup started around 1:30pm after all of us were out of class for the day.

The lovely and supremely talented Angelica Olmedo finished both models in just over an hour.

Sarah's look was the same as last time

and we added Debra the zombie to the mix

Dahlia and I went out to the location to set up the lights while makeup was finished. The models met us just as we were finalizing everything. Moments later we started shooting. I filled my 4gb CF card in about an hour. A few hours of postproduction later and viola:

Postproduction stuff:
The photoshop work was much more intensive than my usual shoot, mainly because I had to turn a daylight background into a moonlight background. There are several layers of curves, levels and color adjustments that got me somewhere close to light I think could come from a clear night with a full moon. Then there's the obligatory skin adjustments and a little extra to bring out the red in Debra's dress and the blood in her makeup. I spent about 60 minutes on each of these two images, which is several times my usual.

Camera/light stuff:
I shot at F13, ISO 100, 1/160 sec. Two light setup, one in a softbox for our heroin and one in a reflector on the very hungry zombie. Both were set to full power which allowed me to minimize the affect of the ambient sunlight. Dahlia is holding the softbox to keep it from blowing in the persistent Flagstaff breeze.
Both lights are AB800 - the same ones I've been using for the last month or so with such great success. Friday was my first time using a Vagabond II battery pack, which held up beautifully even with both lights at full power.

After we finished up I had Angelica pose with her makeup artistry.

Overall things went very smoothly and I am pleased with the results. The eventual goal is to have 5 zombies rushing Sarah, who will get weapon upgrade. Unfortunately with 4 more zombies I need 4 more lights. For more lights I need another battery/generator. Of course each of those zombies needs to get hair/makeup done, which takes at least an hour per model. 
In total I'm going to need a minimum of 3 makeup artists, 6 lights and some way to power all that light. Not to mention the fact that I don't currently pay myself, my assistants, models or makeup artists. I have to find people to do all this for FREE. 

The resulting images would be seriously epic... but I just don't have the resources at this point.

If you have any suggestions about any of the above topics, let me know!